Minnesota Vacation Rental Association

Minnesota Vacation Rental Association (MNVRA) is a nonprofit organization and is your powerful advocate. You can count on MNVRA to be a voice for you as the owner of a vacation home rental in every community in Minnesota. We are proactive in legislative and regulatory issues and alerts helping you be successful! Minnesota is currently drafting legislation specific to Vacation Home Rentals. Together we have a stronger voice to lobby on behalf of individual vacation rental owners and managers protecting your constitutional right to rent your property as a vacation home rental.   We need your help and your voice.  Join MNVRA today.

Our association teams with industry experts to help you succeed. Not only do you have access and networking opportunities with other owners and managers, you also have access to suppliers and attorneys to help you offer the best vacation rental experience for your guests.

Being a member of MNVRA gives you a voice and says that you are willing to provide a clean, safe vacation home rental for your guests.

The MNVRA was formed on these fundamental principals:

1. To protect the rights of property owners to rent their home as a vacation rental.
2. To protect the opportunity for consumers to choose a vacation home rental.
3. To promote and uphold a code of ethics that will protect guests and neighborhoods.
4. To facilitate networking between owners, managers, guests, neighbors and governing officials.
5. To enhance economic benefits for owners, managers, guests, and the community.